Animal overpopulation is at an all time high. Despite rescue efforts and the hard work of shelters, there are more dogs and cats available than homes.



Besides saving an unwanted animal from being euthanized, there is nothing quite like the feeling of watching your fostered pet be welcomed into the loving arms of an adopting family. Fostering is easier than you think and more rewarding than could ever be described. Please consider opening your heart and home to an animal in need. Doing so not only provides a deserving pet of a safe and loving temporary home, but also allows Astasia's Angels Animal Rescue to save more animals. Fostering with us is easy! We just ask for you to feed, love, and care for your foster pet as if he or she was your own. Astasia's Angels Animal Rescue takes care of all the vetting and actively networks to find the perfect forever home for your foster pet. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent to a puppy or adult dog, please download, complete, and email the Foster Agreement PDF file back to us. We'd love to have you as part of our rescue family!

The below dogs and puppies are currently in need of Foster homes. Please consider helping us to keep them safe and healthy until they find their new familes!


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Astasia's Angels Animal Rescue is a 501(c)3 State Registered Non Profit Animal Rescue & Sanctuary

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